Epic or Epic Fail? Olympic 2014 Opening Ceremonies Outfits – Friday’s Fitness Fashion

sochi logo 2

The olympics are here, the olympics are here! I have been waiting for you for the last four years!

The winter olympics are my favorite sporting event EVER! I am an avid skier, love the snow, love the cold and just love the friendly competition. There’s something about the way the entire world comes together and competes, civilly, with smiles on their faces.

The kickoff to the olympic games is always the opening ceremonies.

Sochi Olympics Opening fireworks

We get to see all of the athletes from each country, and of course the uniforms. So let’s dive right in to the best and worst of the opening ceremonies.

Let’s start with the “EPIC” uniforms (and in no particular order).


australia open

Nailed it! They rocked their puffy coats and beanies as if they live in the cold all year long.


italy open

Most of Italy’s athletes aren’t their star snowboarders like Corinna Boccacini or Raffaella Brutto, but they were out in full force wearing their opening gear. I loved the full snow suit. Keepin’ it real as if they all compete on the mountain.


usa open

Ok so I’ve been reading so many negative critiques about the U.S.’s opening gear, but I like ’em (and that’s not because I’m a U.S. citizen). The “ugly ski sweater” look makes me want to chill out in the lodge sipping hot chocolate, put my feet up by the fire and snuggle under a blanket. Epic in my book.


bermuda open

True to form, the Bermudians kept to the Bermuda Shorts. I’m ok with that. Nothing says I love my country more than wearing it’s popular clothing with pride, even if they are a little weird.

Let’s move on to “EPIC FAIL.”


italy open

Yikes! I understand that Ireland’s main color is green, but…too much… too much! It’s like looking at moss in the forest.

Great Britain: 

Olympics: Opening Ceremony

Too much navy and not enough red and white. The hats, were they a salute to Russia? I’m not sure but, “Stay puft” Great Britain!


germany open

I have to hand it to them, they seem really confident walking around in all of that neon. There has been some controversy over the vibrant colors of Germany’s uniforms, but besides all of that, they’re just not pleasing to the eye.


tonga open

Maybe these were a tribute to the warm climate of Tonga all year round, but maybe just rock the colors of the flag, minus the palm tree? I think that would’ve been more suitable for these games.

So that’s it for the opening uniforms, but I have to salute two sporting events gear. One from Mexico and the other from Norway. You tell me who gets the gold:

Mexico’s Ski Uniforms: 

mexico ski

Meet Hubertus von Hohenlohe – Langenburg. He will be competing in Men’s Alpine Skiing at the 2014 games in this fabulous looking mariachi band uniform. It’s great and yes… it’s real. (Fun fact: Hohenlohe – Langenburg is the oldest athlete competing at these games at the ripe old age of 51.)

And on to my last, but certainly not least medal contending uniform;

Norway’s Men’s Curling Uniform: 

norway curling

Whhaatt! Welcome back 1990’s. These pants are “2 Legit 2 Quit.” Hey Norway, M.C. Hammer called and he wants his pants back!

Tweet me your thoughts on the Sochi Olympic’s uniforms this year @WomensWDaily. And don’t forget to watch the games!

Stay Fit and Fashionable!



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